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Businesses today are subject to a host of financial regulations and responsibilities. That's why businesses whose financial and staffing resources are focused primarily on business growth turn to Parmelee, Poirier & Associates LLP for their auditing needs.

PP&A's accounting professionals have assisted many businesses in the successful fulfillment of their audit responsibilities. Our superior work ethic and deep commitment to personalized service ensure that your audit procedure is carried out effectively and efficiently. We subscribe to a 'bottom-up' methodology in our business audits; this tests each clients' underlying accounting practices to ensure the highest possible degree of accountability. Using the information gathered during the audit process, we can advise you on the development and implementation of practices to streamline your company's financial operations.

Business Auditing Services offered by PP&A include (but are not limited to):

Performance audits based on predetermined criteria
Review of debt covenants
Interaction with financial institutions in matters of short- and long-term financing
Interaction with bond rating agencies
Forensic audits to determine accountability to regulatory and legal inquiries
Preparation of budgets, forecasts, and projections
Preparation of historical budget analysis
Evaluation of internal controls and procedures
Examination of selected accounts and transactions
Maintenance of ledger accounting and bookkeeping

Our track record of success and commitment to providing value-added services to our clients has made Parmelee, Poirier & Associates a trusted financial partner to some of Southern New England's most successful businesses. Our services have helped to acquire better credit ratings and lower costs of borrowing for our clients, as well as increased credibility with shareholders, financial institutions, and investors. We look forward to doing the same for your business.

If you have questions about our Business Auditing services, please call us at 401-738-0010 today.

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