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In the 21st century, towns and cities are burdened with a host of financial reporting requirements. Federal and State regulations, as well as an ever more active citizenry, demand 100% accountability from local government. Municipalities, whose financial and staffing resources are by necessity very limited, rely on Parmelee, Poirier & Associates, LLP to act as a trusted partner in their annual auditing processes.

At PP&A, we take great pride in our skill in and knowledge of the science and application of municipal auditing procedures. We not only conduct our audits efficiently and effectively, but offer objective, practical advice on the development and implementation of responsible municipal accounting practices. We subscribe to a 'bottom-up' methodology for municipal audits that offers an increased level of accountability while systematically testing the soundness of existing accounting practices and principles.

PP&A's Auditing Services for Municipalities include:

Performance audits based on a predefined set of criteria
Forensic audits to determine accountability for legal and regulatory inquiries
Evaluation of internal controls and procedures
Examination of selected accounts and transactions
Historical budget analyses
Review of debt covenants
Preparation of budgets, forecasts, and projections
Assistance in interaction with financial institutions
Assistance in interaction with bond rating agencies
Bookkeeping and ledger account maintenance

Through our audits, we have helped municipal clients achieve increased credibility with constituents, higher credit ratings, and lower costs of borrowing. This commitment to value-added services, combined with our track record of success, has engendered a strong sense of mutual respect between PP&A and our municipal clients. Even more importantly, it has earned us the regard of those to whom our municipal clients are accountable.

To learn more about PP&A's Municipal Auditing services, please call our offices at 401-738-0010.
Or, e-mail Bernard A. Poirier, CPA, Managing Partner.

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